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Special Rectification Actions For Drug Safety In Various Provinces And Cities
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Special Rectification Actions For Drug Safety In Various Provinces And Cities

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As a high - tech industry, biopharmaceutical industry plays an important role in promoting the development of China's pharmaceutical industry At present, many countries in the world are developing the biopharmaceutical industry and have developed many drugs. These drugs are widely used in clinical medicine and have created great value for the society.

Since the beginning of this year, many places have started to plan detailed implementation rules and detailed work requirements. According to the actual situation of their administrative regions, the inspection of drug production, operation and use is further promoted.

  • Shanghai

On February 15, the Shanghai Municipal Food and Drug Administration convened the relevant requirements of the State Food and Drug Administration in the in-depth video conference on the drug safety special rectification action through a video conference and deployed and launched the city’s drug safety special rectification action.

  • Guangdong

On February 25, Guangdong food and drug safety and high quality development committee organized a video conference on the mobilization and deployment of Guangdong Province's in-depth drug safety special rectification action to comprehensively deploy the special rectification action.

  • Jiangsu

From January to February this year, Jiangsu has investigated and handled a total of 474 administrative penalty cases of “two products and one device”, an increase of 76% over the same period last year, ensuring the safety of the public medication.

  • Summary

In the future, the industry expects that with more and more special rectification actions for drug safety in provinces and cities, the industry will usher in more stringent standards, stricter supervision, stricter penalties, and more serious accountability.


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